I am a researcher, educator, writer, producer, vocalist and DJ currently living in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology at The University of Pittsburgh. My research interests include African American popular music (specifically soul and funk), women in music history, music and media industry politics, and collecting, curating and archival practices. I am currently the recipient of the Andrew Mellon Fellowship for the 2018/19 academic year, which will assist me in conducting my doctoral research. My forthcoming dissertation uses in-depth ethnograpy with 1970s funk musician Betty Davis to critically examine how the music and lives of artists are transmitted and reclaimed through the collecting and curation process of reissued recordings. In 2015 I became the Associate Producer of Betty - They Say I'm Different (Native Voice Films, 2017), a documentary about Pittsburgh pioneering funk musician Betty Davis. The film premiered in Amsterdam at IDFA in November of 2017 and had its US premier in Pittsburgh in 2018. On top of conducting ethnograhic research on Betty Davis, I have collaborated with several organizations and individuals to produce and promote mixed-media events surrounding the film, such as panels and symposiums on women in media/music industry, DJ dance parties, and helping to reunite Davis' backing band, Funk House, for the first time in over forty years. I have over a decade of teaching experience with all age groups (from pre-school to higher ed) in a diverse range of communities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  From community centers to non-profits to college classrooms, my teaching is inspired by the intersection of performance, history and community.  I have been collecting records for the last thirteen years and enjoy curating and DJing in my spare time under the moniker Sauce Queen. I am also a vocalist who has most recently performed with the Afro Yaqui Music Collective, an anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal group that brings jazz, funk and soul into dialogue with indigenous musics of the 21st century. I recently became the Music Curator for Sourceress, a podcast about demystifying supply chains through conversations with people who are approaching sourcing in innovative ways.